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Planning Application Number: 201654
Site Address: 37 Upper Redlands Road Reading RG1 5JE
Description: T1 (Aesculus)- crown raise and reduce overhang. T2 (Yew)- crown reduction. T3 (Wych elm)- crown reduction. T4 (purple plum)- reductiin height. T5 (Copper Beech)- no work. T6 (Shrub)- removal of dead limb and crown reduction. Prunus - pruning
Status: Determination Made
Decision Level/Committee: N/A
Date Received: 22 November 2020
Date Valid: 23 November 2020
Date Consultees Notified:
Date Neighbours Notified:
Date Recommendation Made:
Committee Date:
Deferred Date:
Decision Date: 06 January 2021
Sent Date: 06 January 2021
Consultation Period Begins:
Consultation Period Ends:

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